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He?ll Try Anything

Yes, even banana plants. The landscape architect Thomas Rainer defends his garden.

Vassar Revives Garden Nurtured by Early Promoter of Native ...

The Dutchess County Outdoor Ecological Laboratory was cultivated by botany professors and students in the 1920s, long before native species became a rage.

City Housing Projects Call For Environmental Help

Housing project residents say the city encouraged them to ?go green,? but did little to help them and in some circumstances, stood in their way.

The Battlefront in the Front Yard

Can vegetable gardens hurt property values? Many communities say yes.

Bloom Town

Why we should care about some guy?s lawn in Phoenix.

Growing Everything but Gardeners

There is plenty of backing for community food gardens in New York, but the enthusiasm seems to outweigh the supply of actual urban farmers, people willing to do the work.

Opening the Gate to a World All His Own

William Christie, the founder of a Baroque orchestra, opened his extraordinary garden in Thiré, France, for a music festival this August.

Challenging the Reputation of Hospital Food on a Rooftop ...

Although hundreds of hospitals across the country host a farmer?s market or have a garden on their grounds that supplies fresh produce, hospital rooftop gardens are still rare in New York.